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Salvatore Cascio is said to Tgcom

"I was lucky enough to meet people and terrific actors, humble, with great values ​​as Noiret, Mastroianni and many others." Salvatore Cascio twenty years is for all Toto, the child-eyed blacks, deep and cunning that has enchanted millions of people Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. The success that overwhelmed him then you are never repeated, but he is serene, proud and grateful for the experience and for all that came after. Toto Cascio is no longer a child undersized. Today it is a boy of 28 years, "normal", as he likes to repeat, that loves football and not the cinema, working in one of the supermarket family, in the heart of Sicily. Reminiscent of his past as a happy child actor.

As you have been chosen for Cinema Paradiso?
I was lucky. Tornatore was looking for a baby minute, because he wanted to create a strong contrast with the imposing figure of Philippe Noiret. He sent his sister and a photographer around the schools in Sicily to photograph the children. Then the preselected ones, made two auditions and they chose me. I did not even like a movie: there was never entered. It 'been the case, fate, I do not know ..

How did you live that experience?
It 'was a game. I did not realize the important thing I was doing. It was just a game. Even after I never thought that I would be an actor, and I've never thought of doing a drama school.

After Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, but you did other films. You worked with prominent figures such as Celentano.
Sync with a Jackpot has been a great experience. He is gambissima. The film was a flop, but it's nice to be able to tell that he had worked with him. I also participated in four episodes of his program Svalutation. Even there I met many myths, Jovanotti, Morandi ... Thanks to the film, I had the good fortune to meet some great people. Then I worked with Mastroianni (They're all good, 1990 ed), Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero (Rumor dell'untore, 1990 ed) ... It 's great to be able to remember those moments.

You see again Tornatore and Philippe Noiret?
Philippe Noiret to Telegatti I saw him in 2004 when he received a lifetime achievement award. Tornatore I met him in Rome while completing The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean. I have maintained excellent relations with all.

The popularity of that time it has changed your life?
In my country we all know each other. At first many came looking for me and annoyed: I was shy. Growing up I became proud.

Recite yet?
No, no. I go to Rome only when there are projects. Now I'm trying to set up a project to acting in theater, but there is still nothing definite.

Do you have any regrets?
No! Not all children who have made the actors then must go on! Still recognize me for Cinema Paradiso because it has had great success and I just have to thank for this.

Got something to blame someone because today you're not an actor?
I still have 28 years! I have time! Anyway, I only have to thank.

What a life you doing today?
A normal life, like all boys. I have two supermarkets with my family and my brothers. I love football. Are Roma fan.

Why is that?
On the set were all Romanists. Then after I recorded the disc with Fabrizio Frizzi and he often took me to the stadium. We were very good friends.

What are your plans for the future?
Who knows the future! Are in the hands of God There are many dreams. I do not know if they will all come, but I hope so.

Gomorrah represent Italy in the upcoming Oscars. What advice would say to the young non-professional actors in the film?
My heartfelt wish is to repeat the successes of Cinema Paradiso. The Board however, is not to take this job too seriously. Have no pretensions or expectations, to remain down-to-earth. Success can finish, dignity, and that remains so do not mount the head.

Your face has been included in an advertising campaign in which successive pieces of our history. What effect did it have to be considered a piece of history and Italian culture?
I am proud to maximum. With your feet on the ground, but proud. It 'was like having done 100 films.

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